St Michael's ancient and beautiful churchyard has been managed for wildlife since 2017. We applied to enter the Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust's Churchyard Conservation Award Scheme in 2018 and were delighted to receive a silver award.

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The wildlife work is supported by the PCC and villagers through working parties & other events throughtout the year.


The Snowdrop Bank, along the Western bank and Northern edge of the churchyard, is one of the great glories of the churchyard. It is carpeted with snowdrops from late January into February.

Snowdrop bank


There are many beautiful and ancient headstones within the churchyard; these provide a perfect habitat for mosses and lichens. Lichens are fascinating members of the plant kingdom being an intimate 'collaboration' between a fungus and an algae.


Over 80 species of lichens have been recorded within the churchyard, including one that is rare within this part of the country.


The Meadow Area, to the front of the church, has been scarified and sown with yellow rattle seeds to weaken the grass and improve habitat for wild flowers.

Yellow Flower

Other native wildflower seeds and bulbs have also been introduced. The hay is cut and removed once the seeds have set in late summer. Butterflies, damselflies, ladybirds and other bugs can be seen here and throughout the churchyard.

Dolphin Pool

The drainage downpipes on the Eastern side of the church have been utilised to provide a water supply to fill our, affectionately named, 'dolphin pool' and other 'bird baths' suitable for use by birds and small mammals.


Our 'Stumpery' (which is planted with native ferns), one of the 'wilderness areas', and the bug hotel can also be found in this secluded area.

Owl Box installation

These fabulous Barn and Little Owl boxes are two of many different types of bird box that have been made, or donated, by villagers and which have been installed in and around the churchyard.

Owl Box

Villagers have also made a variety of bug houses and a bug hotel.

Plan view of churchyard Key to Plan view